Why does ECHO’s volunteer team exist?

The ECHO Volunteer Team exists to collaborate with staff members and interns in furthering ECHO’s Mission of reducing hunger and improving lives, worldwide.

Who Can Volunteer at ECHO?

ECHO is looking for volunteers who are passionate about our mission, who possess a servant’s heart, and who will work with integrity and a positive effort.  Children under the age of 18 need a parent or guardian to sign the volunteer registration form.  Children under the age of 14 can participate with a parent or guardian.

How do they help?

Volunteers fill critical roles and assist staff with  tasks that require varying skill levels. Some of these are highlighted on this page.

Volunteers are the life-blood of ECHO!

We desire to help you find a strategic fit at ECHO by combining your unique skill set with our greatest needs.

Thank you for your interest in working at ECHO as a volunteer! We greatly appreciate those who are willing to give their time and talent to help fight world hunger. ECHO currently has a global network that reaches over 170 countries. Your generous gift of service will literally be felt around the world.


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We have Work Team Volunteer Opportunities! Please click here

(A Work Team is a group looking to serve for one day to 3 weeks, for more information please visit our Work Team page.)

Volunteer Opportunities:

·    Global Farm: Tuesday - Friday: from 9 AM-12 PM & Thursday Afternoon Farm Work: 1 PM - 5 PM The focus for volunteers who help on the Global Farm is to help agricultural staff and interns. Activities include (but are not limited to) gardening, light construction, planting, weeding, or caring for animals.

·   Maintenance: This volunteer opportunity is ideal for “handyman” volunteers or those with a special interest or skill in construction.  Tasks may include odd jobs, building maintenance, and/or farm work. Carpenters, mechanics, heavy equipment operators, plumbers, electricians, and engineers are welcome!

·    Community Engagement: For those who enjoy working in their communities and engaging small and/or large groups of people. We often need excellent presenters, guest speakers, writers, tour docents, and goodwill ambassadors. Ask about our Ambassador Program if you are interested in this area.

 ·    Social Media Team: Do what you love to promote ECHO's Mission. We are looking for graphic designers, videographers, and social media pros. Share ECHO's mission wherever you hang out online. Please request to meet with our PR Manager to find out more.

·    Inside Work: Clerical, Housekeeping, Library; Opportunities in these areas are available upon request.