Education and Training Opportunities

ECHO offers three basic educational opportunities:

Courses and Workshops

ECHO offers various training opportunities through academic courses and workshops. Partnering with other organizations, ECHO provides non-credit courses. To learn more about the various courses and workshops, please visit:  Courses and Workshops at ECHO

Study Program

This program combines access to ECHO's broad range of resources related to tropical agriculture with a chance to do hands-on work on the Global Farm. Though we are not a formal training center, ECHO provides an environment that fosters learning. The Study Program is designed to serve active overseas development practitioners with a chance to learn, study and work at the ECHO Campus. To learn more about the program, please visit: Study Program

Internship Program

Our Internship Program is a 14 month work experience program that helps individuals develop knowledge, skills and experience as they prepare for working with small-scale farmers in developing countries. To learn more please visit: ECHO Internships

Missionary In Residence Program

ECHO wants to equip current missionaries and development workers with their work in agriculture! We offer a flexible-term, on-campus program that pairs hands-on work on the Global Farm with an active environment that fosters learning. For more information, please: Study Program



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