Helping Animals, Healing the Planet

Photo courtesy of: Veterinarians International

Photo courtesy of: Veterinarians International

Dr. Beth A. Miller is the Senior Livestock Advisor for Veterinarians International and was recently in Nanyuki, Kenya as an invited speaker for the “Symposium on Best Practices in Pastoralist Areas of East Africa.”  

She spoke on the topic of “Gender and Pastoralism,” and led a discussion about successful strategies to include both women and men in sustainable development activities among pastoralist communities. 

"Pastoralists are highly dependent on their livestock for their livelihoods and manage their cattle, sheep and goats to provide food, clothing, income, and to maintain friendships and alliances. Traditionally, they have moved across East Africa to different grazing areas, sustainably managing the arid areas while developing unique and vibrant cultures.

Because livestock is central to pastoralist livelihoods, animal health and training attract people’s attention, and are terrific opportunities to facilitate discussion of women’s vision of their own future."

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