ECHO Interns take a break from their regular work to say "Thank You!"

ECHO Interns take a break from their regular work to say "Thank You!"

Through Planned Gifts, you and your financial advisors develop a gift plan that meets your financial and philanthropic goals. A properly planned gift may help you reduce or eliminate capital gains and gift and estate taxes. You may realize immediate tax savings as well.

Planned gifts can come from assets that you don't think about every day. Below are the most popular assets used in Planned Giving.

Real estate

Do you own property that is fully paid off and has appreciated in value? You can deduct the fair-market value of the property, avoid all capital gains taxes and remove the asset from your taxable estate. You can also give a personal residence (including a vacation home) or a farm to ECHO and live there just as you do now. 

Life insurance

You can donate a life insurance policy, or simply name the ECHO as a beneficiary. Such a gift may help you make a larger gift than you otherwise could. 

Retirement plan assets

Coordinating retirement planning and charitable giving can be especially beneficial if you’ve accumulated substantial retirement assets and want to reduce income and estate taxes. 


Securities, if they have appreciated, are excellent assets for charitable gifts. These include shares of stocks, bonds or mutual fund units. 


Gifts of cash are perhaps the easiest to make. Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Trusts may be funded with cash. 

If you wish to make a one-time cash gift, you can mail a check to:
ECHO, Inc.
17391 Durrance Road
North Fort Myers, Florida 33917

Please make your check payable to ECHO and indicate which fund or program you wish to support. Or you can make a gift online.



A Proud Haitian woman shows her most recent moringa harvest.

A Proud Haitian woman shows her most recent moringa harvest.

There are various ways that you can designate these assets to support ECHO's work. How you choose to donate to ECHO depends on your financial situation, family, goals, lifestyle, and age. We have summarized the most popular gift types below to help you focus your options. If you would like more information on any of these options, please contact Amy Wiggins, at 239.567.3341 or awiggins@echonet.org

Gifts That Pay You Income

Charitable Gift Annuity
In exchange for a gift of cash, stocks or bonds, ECHO will pay you or a loved one a fixed income for life. The payments are based on the amount of the gift, whether one or two individuals will receive payments and those individuals’ ages when the annuity is created.

Deferred Gift Annuity
As a younger donor still in high-earnings years, you are still saving for retirement and also trying to lower your taxable income. 

Charitable Remainder Unitrust
You and ECHO enter into a trust agreement. You contribute assets to the trust for a purpose you designate, ECHO manages the trust’s assets for your benefit, and you receive income from the trust each year for life or a term of years. When the trust ends, the remaining trust assets benefit the purpose you have chosen.

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust
You want the flexibility to invest and manage your gift plan, and also the security of stable income. 


Gifts Anyone Can Make


Gifts from Your Will or Trust (Bequests)
Need to preserve your assets during your lifetime? You can plan a gift for ECHO us that will only take effect after your other obligations are fulfilled.

Gifts from a Retirement Plan 
Give ECHO assets subject to double taxation, and leave more to your family. 

Gifts from your Donor-Advised Funds
Make an outright gift from your donor-advised fund OR name us as the ultimate beneficiary of the remainder of the fund. 

Gifts of Stock and Appreciated Assets
Take advantage of appreciated securities without incurring capital gains tax.

Gifts of Life Insurance
Make a significant gift to ECHO even without a large estate. Here's how you can leverage your dollars for a larger gift. 

Gifts of Real Estate
Donate a valuable asset in exchange for powerful tax benefits and possibly an income stream for you and/or your loved ones.

Gifts of Personal Property
Give personal property that enhances our mission and provide tax benefits to you. 


Farmers around the world rely on ECHO for training and best practices in sustainable farming techniques.

Farmers around the world rely on ECHO for training and best practices in sustainable farming techniques.

Gifts That Protect Your Assets

Increased income may not be your primary objective. Instead, you may be wondering how you will deal with some highly appreciated property or a growing family business as your needs and lifestyle change. Will taxes consume much of the value that you have worked so hard to grow? Will anything be left for you and your family?

We have several options that help you meet your personal planning goals, save on taxes, and make a gift to ECHO at the same time.

Charitable Bargain Sale
If you sell an asset such as real estate for less than its current fair market value, you will make a “bargain sale” gift. The difference between the fair market value and the sale price constitutes a charitable gift.

Retained Life Estate
Your home is your largest asset. How can you make your home a gift to ECHO and continue living there?

Charitable Lead Trust
A lead trust makes payments to ECHO for a designated period of time to support the purpose you choose. When the trust ends, the remaining assets are paid to you or other beneficiaries. A lead trust helps ECHO now and can reduce the tax cost of transferring valuable assets to family members. 


Acceptance Policy

All gifts are reviewed, accepted and officially acknowledged. Prior to acceptance, the gift is reviewed to see if it meets ECHO's needs. ECHO reserves the right to decline any gift that does not further the mission of the organization or may involve special maintenance or other conditions we would be unable to satisfy. ECHO's full Gift Acceptance Policy is available here.

Contact Us

For more information about tax-advantaged and planned giving, please contact Amy Wiggins, Director of Advancement at 239.567.3341 or awiggins@echonet.org

Through Planned Giving, almost everyone can give a gift to their favorite charity. Even if you initially think that you cannot afford to make such a gift, many of these gifts may be made today or in the future while still preserving your financial security.