Community Garden Assistance

As a part of a national movement, many non-profits, schools, churches, and neighborhood organizations are considering community and cooperative gardening. Community gardens can provide sustainable ways to supplement food pantries, improve school lunch programs, increase neighborhood food security, create welcoming green spaces, and build relationships amongst neighbors.

Because of the generous support of the Naples Garden Club, Cape Coral Community Foundation, the United Methodist Church, and others, ECHO is able to provide planning and consulting to local organizations interested in developing community gardens in Charlotte, Lee, and Collier counties.

ECHO's Community Garden Intern is available to provide informational resources to your project and support you as you grow. For information on how ECHO can potentially assist your organization with consulting on your project, please contact our Community Garden Intern at

ECHO Community Garden Toolkit

A unique perspective that ECHO brings to the domestic community gardening movement is a perspective of agriculture shaped by our work with small-scale farmers in many of the poorest regions of the world. We seek to provide an opportunity for practical and affordable ideas to be shared and communicated across the globe. This often takes the form of low-cost and low-input recommendations, which typically include the use of nutritious tropical perennials and subtropical plant varieties as part of a sustainable agricultural system.

It is our hope that the ECHO Community Garden Toolkit will motivate you to discover the diversity of resources available within your community to meet the felt needs of your community, as well as promote inter-cultural understanding of issues regarding hunger, poverty, and justice in sustainable agriculture around the world.

Download ECHO Community Garden Toolkit

The purpose of this resource is to suggest several key considerations for beginning a small garden project. This information is meant to be a guideline to better assist you in the organization and implementation of particular elements crucial to making a garden project successful. While each element may initially require a significant time commitment, we believe that approaching these considerations thoroughly and creatively from the beginning will contribute positively to the sustainability of the project.


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