Amazing Potential in Appropriate Technology (AT)

  • Biogas digesters using manure, food scraps, and/or plant residues to create methane gas which can be used for cooking, and the digester also creates a high quality compost to be used for agriculture.  

  • Improved Cookstoves can be very simply made clay or metal structures which can improve the efficiency of burning solid fuels for cooking and reduce the possibility of smoke inhalation and related diseases.  

  • Household water filters can be purchased or constructed from local materials and used for treating dirty, contaminated water to make it safe for drinking. This reduces the number of water-borne diseases which is a leading cause of death in developing countries.

ECHO is using Appropriate Technology at the Global Farm in Florida for processing and preserving the crops we grow, to improve our soil, feed our animals through the dry season, and generate renewable energy.

ECHO does this as part of our responsibility as stewards of creation, but also as part of our responsibility to serve others.  The AT used at ECHO serves largely as a demonstration and teaching tool, so people are more knowledgeable and prepared when they go to work in international agricultural development.  This is also true at ECHO's regional impact centers, where the AT can be more focused to the needs and resources of that particular region.

"I have always enjoyed tinkering, working with my hands, and creating things. I studied engineering in college, but found I had a desire to do development work overseas. So, once I discovered that everything I enjoyed and wanted to do was called Appropriate Technology, I knew that was the path for me. " --Craig Bielema

ALL NEW Appropriate Technology Village Tour:  

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The all-new Anderson Appropriate Technology Center is a unique working space focused on demonstrating, researching, and building tools and techniques that solve problems in food, water, and shelter for small-scale farmers around the world.

Come discover how simple technologies made from local or recycled materials can improve lives. Appropriate technologies transform sand into water filters, manure into energy, and bicycles into power tools. These innovations may appear simple compared to high-tech gadgets, but it takes skillful design and ingenuity to make essential resources with only local materials.

On the Appropriate Technology Village Tour you'll discover how food goes from the field to the market, and how simple solutions can make a major difference around the world.

Tuesdays, Fridays, & Saturdays at 11:30am

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